Andrea’s cousin is having her first baby and it’s going to be a girl. She kindly asked if I could create a candy bar for her baby shower. When I found out it would be Giraffe and PINK I was totally excited!! Since trying to find pink candy isn’t hard I thought I could make more personalized with Oreo cake-pops and chocolate dipped marshmallows. When creating a candy bar try to think of inexpensive candies, cookies or even cereal you could use to fill some of those large jars. I love using the strawberry wafers they are yummy and they are only about a buck for a big pack of them! I also made the labels, a sign and the, “It’s a girl” banner. Little details are everything!

You have to have a matching sign!
Just a small table of sweets makes any party special!
My cake stands are so cute and girly!
Mmmmm cake-pops!
These are my favorite cookies… luckily they were all gone by the end of the party! I would have eaten them!!

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