cake collage

I was shopping with my Mom at Michaels craft store one day and we say a sign for Cake Decorating classes. We thought it would be something fun we could both do together. They were having a sale, 50% off for the beginner class so we were all excited and signed up on the spot! The class was inexpensive but the tools and supplies it what hit’s you hard! Who knew you you needed a special frosting tool, piping bags, food colors, piping tips, and the list goes on!! Luckily my mom and I shared our tools and it became a fun collection of supplies we will always use! So, like any project I start it becomes an oppression of sorts where I try to top my last creation with another.

Lamb cake I made for Easter
Flower cupcakes
Carnival Theme
Pirate Party Cake
Lady Bug Theme
I even photo edited Justin Beiber in the photo for a sweet 16 birthday cake
Simple Jack Skelington Cake
Mini Mouse Cake
Got Bear?
Barbi Cake
Bachelor Party Cake
Shopping Bag Cake

I never went on to take an additional course for cake decorating instead, I relied a lot on YouTube. You can find some amazing tutorials on there and they are FREE! :). My passion with cakes grows but I find less and less time to make them after having my baby. Although, I manage to make these fancy little cakes when I can!

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