What better way to build community within an office then to welcome employees home-life into their work-life. My thought of turning our summer event into a family affair sounded like the perfect opportunity to prove my point! I wanted something fun and outdoors and something the adults would enjoy too. I searched and searched for ideas. I saw an add on TV about the new sea-lion exhibit at the Zoo, and thought to myself, “who doesn’t love the Zoo?”. The next day I made some calls and found out the Zoo could be in my budget!! I ran with the idea! I created the invite and then created the a flyer for each employee to be able to find us in the party space.

Direction and Party Details

After booking the venue I had to worry about food and lastly decorations. Luckily the Zoo offered box lunches at an affordable price, so I took advantage of the good deal and ordered the food through them. I had to then work with a small budget for décor. I ordered flowers from Costco (they come in mini bouquets) and purchased inexpensive mason jars. Add a bow and a matching tag and you have an inexpensive centerpiece! When I set up the reservations the Zoo contact told me about zebra table runners they had. I asked if we could use them and she said, “sure” -SCORE! They looked great and made the casual setting pop!

Sweet centerpiece
Those runners made my plastic tables cloths look good 😉


We had about 100 people attend. It was amazing to see everyone bring their kids and partners. Bringing on a new level of relatable friendships within my coworkers! I took my niece and nephew (perfect little helpers), and they loved it, especially the sting rays! Feedback from the event was great and it started an annual tradition of a summer picnic!

Andrea with the Kiddo’s
Sting Ray Bay
My mini-me being silly!


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