When I became pregnant our families were so excited! A new little baby boy for everyone to spoil with lot’s and lot’s of love!! Andrea and I decided we would decorate his nursery in bright colors with trucks, planes and cars so, we went with the same theme for our baby showerl. I know as the pregnant person I am supposed to sit back and let everyone plan the shower for me but NO, there is no way I was going to let someone do all the fun stuff!! Even with my feet all swollen I could not sit on the weigh side and give my Mom full control. It was a team effort with both of our families pitching in to make it the party fun and pretty!

Here is the invitation I created.
The view of the candy bar! With lot’s of custom treats!
Cake pops, cupcakes, Jell-O cups that looked like clouds, rice crispy treats that we coated in chocolate to look like stop lights, even little teddy graham bears riding in cars made out of mini chocolate bars. All made with love!!
My mom sewed the table squares for a pop of color and my little brother made the signs. And what’s a party without chips and salsa?? I found the cute trucks on eBay for 8 bucks each.
My brother Stevy made each sign different. Creativity runs in the family!
These were cookies we gave for our party favors. I didn’t make these… I ordered them from a girl I used to work with she did an amazing job!!
Since I already had the formatting for the invitation I used it to create signage for the games.

 We are so lucky to have such amazing families. They just rolled with all my crazy ideas and helped in any way they could. It was such a happie day!!

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