When I was just a wee girl, I remember my dad putting on his dress shirt and tie, throwing on those dress shoes he had just polished that morning and heading off to work every day. I never really understood what my Dad did or where he actually went until one evening when he forgot something at work. He had to make a special trip back to the office and he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I immediately jumped up from watching TV (probably watching Family Ties), and replied with a quick, “YES!”. I was not going to pass up this opportunity for one, be alone with my dad (having two brothers this rarely happened) and two going to “work” and seeing what this place was actually like.

Back then (80’s) there were no work family picnics or Bring your child to work day, there was no way I could even know what my Dad did all day in his fancy shirt and shiny shoes. It was eye opening to see the desks and small offices and sleek showroom where they kept all these high tech machines (my dad was a Copy Machine sale/repair Guy). And even though the office was completely empty I could imagine all the hustle and bustle that little office ensued on a daily basis. As we left, remember thinking what it would be like when I got bigger and got a job. What would I do? Who would I work with? and then I thought, WOW -my Dad is Cool….

As Bring your Child to Work Day approaches, take a minute and think how just even an hour lunch at Dad’s work could be inspiring to the wee ones out there, and think about those dads who put in that 9-5 gind day in and day out and may not even realize the feeling of pride they will have when they show off thier work space in their fancy shirt and shiny shoes. How cool they may feel knowing they work for a company that supports them.

It doesn’t take much to create a culture your employees love and are proud being part of. Inbox me if you need some inspiration or help planning. Let’s make someone Happie!


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