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I have been very fortunate to have a career in Human Resources for the past 10 years (yes, I actually do have a regular full-time job that I really enjoy) and along the way I have been able to help engage employees by creating an outstanding company culture. I stay strong in my belief, a successful company starts with the people.

It’s not always the money people care about, but instead creating an environment where people believe in the bigger picture and actually feel like they belong. Crafting a sense of family because let’s be real, you spend more time working side by side with your co-workers than you do at home with you real family (sad but true).

Here you will find some ideas you can incorporate into your company no matter the size, activities that focus on the person instead of their job. Reach out to Oh Happie Days if you need help in facilitating any of these ideas or just want a an outsider view of how you can make your company a place people are fighting to be a part of. I’d be HAPPIE to work with you!

A Valentine Idea for Your Employees

Kids at work is the new Cool


My bragging game is STRONG!

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