Pinching pennies on décor isn’t always a bad thing. Here are some helpful hints to make your Fiesta stand out and still stay within your budget.


Use trim! – Dress up any cake stand, sign or tablescape with a little fancy trim. I picked this festive trim up at my local craft store and you better believe I used that 50% coupon! I taped (tape is perfect especially if you don’t want a fiesta cake stand forever) the trim around these cute desert stands. They were actually Easter desert stands I found on the clearance rack and the little bit of trim gave them a whole new life. You an even drape the trim off of signs or even your chandelier to give your décor that extra punch of color!


Make signs – You can find blank chalk boards almost anywhere now. I found the one for the photo booth at the 99 cent store – (but it was 2.99.. go figure!). You can print letters and trace them or if your feeling extra creative, free hand a fun saying. No need to pay those high priced digital creators for these small details.


Use things you have! We got free lemons and limes from a neighbor and my Mom has a succulent garden. We raided her garden and planted these trendy plants in cheap salsa cans. So, instead of spending a ton of cash on over priced décor I utilized the bright colors of the fruit and the succulent beauties to dress up the table. I even found the peppers at the 99 Cent store. Score!!


My first stop for any event décor is always those discount stores, then I hit up those clearance racks at those fancy décor store, just remember you can always make your event unique with a little creativity. I hope this helps you to think out side of the box and turn your next event into something special that doesn’t break the bank!







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