A baby shower without sweet pastels is not easy but when you have two cool parents with twins on the way, you can’t help but throw an original themed Double Trouble Baby Shower suited especially for their style. Finding inspiration came easy once I found an image of the cool baby from the Hangover Movie, I knew I had something EPIC on my hands.


First thing I did was create the baby shower invite by flipping the image and making it perfect for twin boys!

Then I found these awesome hats on Amazon and knew I had to incorporate them somehow. Creating Diaper Cakes made for a fun addition to the decor. Besides whats a baby shower without a diaper cake?!


I then was able to create onesies to go along with all the running ideas and used them in the centerpieces.



Because we stuck to black and white, aqua and gold accents it was easy to create a candy buffet. I also made a sign for the drink station! Drinking Buddies for life! “clink!”


It was pretty freaking cool creating something I knew the parents would love and appreciate. I can’t wait to meet those two little dudes. I have no doubt they will be rambunctious little boys, living up to their names Zeus and Achilles.

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