When creating an event even something small like my sons baptism, I try to start with the invitation.. then follow the idea and create the rest of the details. For Alec’s Baptism I did some photos a month prior and thought they would be perfect for the invitation. Keeping it playful I created this Cutie Bootie Invite.


Since this was going to be a small luncheon  reception I just needed a few centerpieces and some a little décor. So next I created these centerpieces. I swear each one cost me about $5 to make. I can’t say it enough, the Dollar store and 99 cent stores are my go to places! Follow these steps to make these cute clothesline centerpieces.


Here is everything you need to make them.

  1. Planter (Dollar Store)
  2. Floral Foam (Dollar Store)
  3. Fake greenery (99 Cent Store)
  4. Twine (99 Cent Store)
  5. Skewer Sticks (99 Cent Store)
  6. Mini Clothespins (99 Cent Store)
  7. Wallet Size Photos (Costco .59 for 4)
  8. Glue gun w/glue sticks



Add the foam in the bottom. You can secure with hot glue if you want to make them permanent. If your pot is deep add newspaper to the bottom and secure with hot glue. I didn’t even take them out of the package since they will be covered up by the greenery.



Cut the greenery square to fin in the planter. You can always add in little snips of the greenery to fill any bald spots. Hot glue to secure once cut to fit. As you can see I snipped the plastic underneath so the greenery stuck out over, it will make the planter look fuller.


Once greenery is secured add the stick and tie twine snuggly to each end of the sticks.


Last but not least, add the photos with the mini clothes pins. I double up the photos so from either direction you look at the centerpiece is looks perfect!


The day ended up being great! We stayed cool in Fresno’s 104 degree weather and we celebrated the baptism of my second born. The centerpieces were a hit and I didn’t feel bad when people asked if they could take them home, shoot they only cost me $5 bucks each to make!




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