You can’t go to a party without see a cool backdrop for a candy table. entry table or food table. Backdrops can make any party stand out from the rest and really set the mood for an event. Many event location will not allow you to use tape or hang things up because they fear damage to their walls. Well I have figured out the perfect solution and it will save you plenty of time on set up!

Use an old wrapped canvas! I found an old painting at a yard sale and purchased it for $2 it had a little bit of damage but had a great heavy duty frame and it was a large size. The bigger wrapped canvas the better but be mindfull you will want it to fit in your car. 🙂 Before I decorated it I painted over the painting with white paint so the original painting wouldn’t show through.

Then there are endless things you can do to it, wrap it in wrapping paper and go wild with banners or flowers or paper plates like the one I did pictured below. Literally 2 buck canvas, dollar store paper plates and characters printed on cardstock.  All I had to do was prop it up on the table once I got to the venue. Cheap and easy solution!

IMG_6888IMG_6892.JPGCheck out more ways I have used this wrapped canvas below! Possibilities are endless!


I even used smaller canvas for some signs. You get a cool 3-D effect when you layer objects on top of the wrapped canvas.


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