Birthday milestones are a big deal in my book (even half birthdays)! I’m a sucker for a sweet smile and a messy face filled with cake! I relish in creating original sets for my little clients and would love to work with you in making the greatest birthday memories!

Birthday Sessions start at $150

Mini Session includes:

  • Up to 30 Minute Studio Session
  • 1 included in Sitting – $25 additional sitting fee /person
  • One Basic Set up – One Outfit
  • 4 Full Resolution Edited Images of your choice
  • Online Gallery

Extra Add Ons:

  • Cake Smash – Extra time and clean up (does not include the cake) $50
  • Outfit change – $50
  • Balloon Arch $50+
  • Custom Theme Cutouts $50+
  • Bubble Bath Time – $75
  • Specialty Set Up – charges vary upon request $50+

One Year Mini Session

Mini Session Base Set Up $150 – sweet, simple and fun.

Birthday Mini Session w/ Balloons

Mini Base Session $150 + Balloons Garland $50 = $200

Specialty Birthday Session!

Mini Session Fee $150 + Cake Smash $50 + Custom Balloon Garland $50 = $250 (price may vary depending on details)

The Ultimate Birthday Session!

Mini Session Fee $150 + Cake Smash $50 + Custom Balloon Garland w/ Twinkle Lights $50 + Custom Themed Signs $50 = $350 (price may vary depending on details)

Things to remember –

  • By One or older, kids can run away, crawl away and roll away! They honestly do what they want. We may resort to videos on the phone, lollipops, or crazy fart noises just to keep them interested and smiling. If there is a toy they love, bring it!
  • When are they the happiest? Let’s make sure we book a time where you know they are in the best mood. Make sure they have eaten and took that nap!
  • It may get messy! Or sometimes not! If you opt in for a Cash Smash, remember some babies will tear up that cake and some will hate it (even throw it up)! I recommend getting a cake with whip cream, it’s not as sweet and has a fluffy texture which looks great in the photos. Oh’ and if you get a blue or dark color cake they will stain babies skin and red frosting may even look like blood… so just be ware!
  • My goal is always to make smiles… but remember I can’t work miracles. Some babies are serious, some may not want to be the center of attention or they just aren’t into it. Don’t worry, I’ll still work hard to create sweet expressions and even that cry baby face is just as cute as smiles sometimes!
  • Lastly, sick babies are not welcome, if baby starts showing sick symptoms please call or message me as soon as possible to reschedule. They will not be happy and neither will I. Keep them home to rest and recover and we will get them in when they are feeling better!

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