This DIY Memory Board can be made with less than $25! Promised to add a big impact to any Party!



  1. Large light weight board (found this one at Home Depot for $8)
  2. Different Size black and white photocopies of pictures
  3. Large poster size color photo (Acme Printing $10)
  4. Small Mod Podge (Dollar Store has them $1)
  5. Brush or sponge and Scissors

STEP 1: Start by cutting out your photos and placing them on the board. Fill in all the spaces like a puzzle cutting the pictures to fit all the open spaces.

STEP 2: Start using the Mod Podge to hold the pictures in place. Make sure to get the corners glued down so there is no lifting.

STEP 3: Cut around the large poster so just the subject of the picture is cut out Рno background.  Use the remnant of the cut photos to place them in the hard to reach areas like filler pieces.

STEP 4: Once you have everything glued down add 2-3 coats of the Mod Podge over the entire board. Let it dry in between coats. FYI The bubbles will go away on their own when it dries!


That’s it! I created this for a Graduation party but you can spin this idea for many occasions like weddings, engagement parties or birthdays. Possibilities are endless!

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