I saw these kick boards last year at The Dollar store and thought they could make the cutest over sized Popsicle. So, when we decided to have a backyard party for my sons 3rd b-day, I thought these would be a perfect addition for a "Popsicle and Pools" party! I literally made these for a only a few bucks!

What you need:

  • Kick Boards (yes, Dollar Store) $1
  • Paint Stir Sticks (Home Depot has a pack of 10) $1
  • Spray Paint for plastic (you pick the colors) $3.95 each
  • Long sharp knife

Step ONE: Cut the corners off the kick boards

Step TWO: Spray the lightest color paint in the center. Paint both sides and don't forget the sides!

Step THREE: Spray the next color on the Top then the other on the bottom. Be sure to let them dry between colors so they don't bleed. Two coats of paint always look the best!

Step FOUR: Once dry, get a sharp knife and cut openings down the middle so the stick can slide down easily.

Step FIVE: Done! You can secure with some hot glue but the sticks stay pretty good! Use them to dress up your space! I used them all around the Popsicle and Pools Party!

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