This retro inspired backdrop can be used in many ways! Don’t limit this idea to just the Great Gatsby theme. Washi Tape comes in all colors! It could make a cool 80’s theme backdrop using Neon tape. It’s an inexpensive and easy idea that makes a big impact and can be transformed to fit your event, AND it’s under $30 to make! 

What you will need:

  1. Large cardboard – Free – Check out a school or appliance store to snag some!
  2. Craft Paper Roll – even wrapping paper works – Amazon $19.50
  3. Washi Tape – Dollar store even has some! Amazon $6.99
  4. Large Measuring stick – .99 cents at Home Depot
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Imagination


Step ONE. Cover the cardboard box with the craft paper roll. You can either glue it down or just use tape to secure the sides. I used clear packing tape and it stayed in place perfectly.


Step TWO. Use the measuring stick to draw out your design. Try and start at the center and mimic the design moving out. This is the part where you use your imagination.

Step THREE. Use different colors to add dimension. For the Roaring 20’s I stayed with Silver Gold and Bronze. Luckily the tape helps you stay in a strait line and the lines look crisp and pop from the black paper.

Step Four: All done I did two of these boards and it took about 1.5 hours. Because I used cardboard they were nice and light weight and were easy to transport. We placed them for the entry way to a family reunion. Made a great first impression and got everyone’s attention as they walked through the doors!


Here are some inspirations I found on Pinterest using washi tape… keep those creative juices going and Stay Happie!


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