Are you stuck in the office on Valentines?!? For many of us this reality is true. Well I have a great tip for any office wanting to share some love with their employees on Valentine’s and it doesn’t cost much!!


I have been lucky enough to plan many corporates events big and small and found out it really is the little things that employees appreciate. This Valentines why don’t you set up a card making station.?! Picture it : A little table in the break-room with all the fixin’s, construction paper, stickers, markers, maybe some lollipops. Place a sign on the table and let your employees go crazy.


It gives your hardworking employees the opportunity to take a break from the stress of the job and feel like a kid again! They can make Valentines for their kids, girlfriends, wives and even for each other. They will be truly HAPPIE and it only costs the company a few bucks!

valentine card

This is a must try if you are the Office Manager or the Boss! Let’s see how your employees react to a sweet Valentine Station this February 14th!



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