Hi! A goal for me this year is to continue my photography education. You may already know but I got my first camera when I had my first born and I can accredit many of my first shoots to my dude Stephan. He is where my love of photography first began and it has just grown from there! My 2nd born Alec, is where I found the love for newborn photography. I would spend hours trying to pose him on my bed with window light, trying to mimic all the tutorials I found on You Tube.

Well, my Alec is now three years old and my passions for theses tiny humans have grown so much. I have vowed to do my best at caring for your newborn while getting the best and most creative photos of your new little blessing. So, it’s time I take my learning a bit further and I had my first official hands on learning with the very talented Ana Brandt. She has over 20 years of experience and I learned very early on in my Journey, she is a heavy hitter in the industry and is a great inspiration of mine.

In early January I made the trek over the grapevine to Ana’s Studio in Tustin, CA. I was one of three photographers there to learn from the best. We had two models (mini newborn models) and we spent an entire morning learning and experiencing things I would have never learned form a youtube tutorial.

To say the least it was a day I cherish and left being very inspired. I have since, signed up for her Newborn International Certification Program. I’m unsure on how long this will actually take me to complete as it is a full scope look at my business practices and my skills as a newborn photographer but, the investment both financially and in time, will be worth it.

The certification will be awesome not only as proof to my clients that they can trust me with their babies but it also will gives me confidence in my craft. Knowing you belong where you are going will be I give me security in my work and in perusing my dreams!! I hope you’ll follow along this journey with me and be inspired! #showmeyourhappiness

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